Seabase 2025 – Tentative info

It’s a long way away, but will come sooner than you think!

What is this?

What we are looking for now is who is interested in going to SeaBase in the summer of 2025, likely July, although depending on crew interest and number of people we can consider different or multiple dates.

Who Can Go?

Depending on the Adventure chosen, youth must be 12 or 13 by the beginning of the Trek. In case there is more interest than slots, we will prioritize older scouts on the verge of leaving our program, and adult advisors will be allocated as space and minimum requirements allow to insure the hastiest chance for ever Scouts to be able to attend. In most cases, we would simply select multiple Treks to get everyone going, however.


Prospective costs are under $2000 per person – that includes transportation and Trek fees, but not equipment or incidental expenses. The good news is that unlike Philmont, there’s not as much gear required, and while there will be preparatory training, there will not be as many required shakedown events prior to sailing. We are investigating transportation options and stops on the way down – the journey is the reward, after all!

I wanna go!

Great! for now, click here to send an email to get a list going – we will be building a more robust signup but want to get a notion of who’s entertaining the option.