Cold Weather Sleeping bags

A sleeping bag can make the difference between blissful comfort and a verrry long, miserable night. It can even help you ward off life-threatening hypothermia if you get cold and wet.

Choosing the right sleeping bag can be tricky. Here’s a few tips, and a few suggested models to get you started.


Sleeping bags have labels with ratings like -10 degrees or +30 degrees. These are supposed to tell you the lowest temperature at which most people will be comfortable sleeping in that particular bag. Realistically, it’s the temperature at which you should be able to sleep – if poorly.

Do you get cold easily or are you a furnace? If you struggle to stay warm, you’ll probably want a bag rated about 20 degrees lower than the coldest temperatures you plan to sleep in. If you sleep warmly, choose a bag rated to within 10 degrees of the coldest temperatures you’ll encounter.


A Bag Liner can help your current bag deal with about a 10 degree cool temp – and can serve as a lightweight sleep sack for warm summer months.


KLYMIT WILD ASPEN Lightweight Mummy Sleeping Bag

Available in different lengths, if you prefer a mummy style this is a reasonably price option.

KLYMIT WILD ASPEN Lightweight Mummy Sleeping Bag

TETON Sports Celsius XXL Sleeping Bag

Not a small bag to carry, but great for taller Scouts and adults, and anyone who does not like feeling trapped in a mummy bag.

Kelty Cosmic Synthetic 0 Sleeping Bag

A good option, and you can check it out at REI in town: